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COSM&TIC ASSIST Info point: IMPORT&EXPORT International services

Cosm&Tic Assist is a reference point for those wishing to receive worldwide support for Cosmetics, Medical Devices, Food,  Supplements and Chemicals, etc. Our specialists assess every aspect, identifying the strategy in order to reach the goal in the international market.

The International Import&Export Services:

Customs Consulting (Import & Export)
International Taxes
International Projects
Contracts and International Trade
Check-up Export (1° e 2° level)
Drafting or Operational Methodical Support to the company Export Plan
Network & Tools for national and international business
TEM (Temporary Export Manager) and/or DEM (Digital Export Manager) Services
Ad hoc Consulting and Market Surveys for Export and International Plan
Worldwide Regulatory Compliance

Focus on: Worldwide Regulatory Compliance

The Compliance is the success key for the international market strategy

Thanks to the skills of its experts, the synergies of its network (‘International Consulting Alliance’) and its many years of experience gained in international business, the Cosm&Tic Assist team will be able to support you in your export and compliance project worldwide. Cosm&Tic Assist is headquartered in Europe (Italy: Milan, Genoa, Rome) and its 8 International Cooperation offices abroad are located in the USA, UK, Emirates, China and Russia, Turkey, Africa, Brazil. Cosm&Tic Assist is able to offer Regulatory Office services (Responsible Person, Legal Entity, Legal Agent, etc.), certification practices, notifications to authorities and import/export procedures.
Main product categories and countries for which we can provide assistance:

• Food, Supplements & Nutraceuticals (EU, CANADA, USA, UAE, etc.);
• Medical Devices & Pharmaceuticals (EU, UK, USA, CANADA, UAE, RUSSIA, etc);
• Chemicals & Dangerous Goods (EU, UK, USA, UAE, CANADA, TURKEY, CHINA, etc);
• Agrochemicals & Biocides (EU)
• Detergents (EU, UK, USA);

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