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COSM&TIC ASSIST Marketing & communication consulting

Your company’s most valuable asset is its image in the eyes of its clients

Companies around the world can only achieve true success through a careful mix of skills, services and evaluations. One of the fundamental ingredients for the success of a company is the ability to dialogue with its customers, to build a trustworthy relationship with consumers, interpreting and anticipating their desires. Cosm&Tic Assist provides detailed corporate communication consultancy services in Italy and throughout Europe.
Although corporate communication and marketing have different roles, individual and specific strategies and methodologies, they combine to achieve the same goal: to optimise the effectiveness of a company.
Cosm&Tic Assist enables you to achieve your goals through careful assistance in marketing and corporate communication.

Marketing and communication are two essential elements for any company, closely linked to each other and able to guarantee a substantial improvement in profits, if the means are exploited properly.

Based in Italy and with 8 International Cooperative Offices, Cosm&Tic Assist provides businesses with a variety of consulting services. These include a marketing and corporate communication plan for companies involved in the following sectors:

cosmetics & beauty care;

food, supplements & nutraceuticals;

wellness, spa & thermae;

medical devices & pharmaceuticals;

chemicals, detergents, biocides, agrochemicals, dangerous goods.

The Cosm&Tic Assist team works with dedication and commitment, providing timely assistance in the field of marketing and corporate communication. The deep knowledge of the dynamics of reference markets, as well as the constant training and professional updating of our technicians, allow our company to offer a custom and satisfactory service. Companies can take advantage of technical and logistical support to:

  • create and manage websites
  • manage social networks
  • advertise the reviews and testimonials provided by experts;
  • develop marketing strategies and campaigns
  • communication and marketing training courses
  • beauty influencer

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